New to PB3 Coaching: RunSmart

Have you maybe done a few 5ks, and are wondering what to do next? Then RunSmart sessions are for you! You don’t need to have any knowledge of training or technique, our expert coaches will show you all you need to know in a fun and relaxed environment. We will:


  • Firstly, undertake some goal setting to encourage you to keep going
  • Provide an individual approach as to what training methods suit you, according to what your goals are
  • Show you exercises to improve your bio-mechanics (running form and posture)
  • Cover a very important aspect of running – injury prevention
  • Do some running-specific strength work to improve muscle tone and help reduce injuries
  • Determine heart-rate zones for effective training and weight loss
  • Show you how to engage in various training intensities to help improve your stamina, endurance and speed
  • Give tips on how to handle hills – uphill and our favourite, downhill!
  • Show you how other forms of exercise could improve your running, such as swimming and cycling


Sandymount Strand: 9:30 – 10:30 am on Thursdays
Location : Martelo Tower



A 10 week block costs €99.
Email to book, we’ll send you meeting point location, directions.