Tri-Club Presentations

PB3 Head Coach Peter Kern is available to give a presentation to your tri club. Presentations can be tailored to suit specific requirements, in general the following is covered:

How to train for a triathlon, presenting different methodologies used by successful coaches that are based on tried and tested core values. We will cover how to train for a triathlon based on the time one has available – 8/12/15 hours per week.

We will discuss the composition for swim, bike and run training (distribution of time, technique, intensity for athletes with different single-sport backgrounds), and how training differs from single-sport training.

Monitoring progress
How to monitor your progress through the use of time trials, test sets, data from GPS, power, heart rate, rating of perceived exertion etc.

Important tools for success
In addition to swim, bike and run training, we’ll also look at transitions, stretching, strength and conditioning training and nutrition.

Triathlon gear
We’ll cover what gear is required (and not required!) for training – shoes, bikes, swim gadgets.